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Know What You’re Eating – Grow It Yourself

With growing concerns over the increased use of chemical pesticides, genetically modified plants, unsafe food handling, and other potentially hazardous agricultural conditions, it can be hard to know what you’re eating when you buy your produce at a large grocery store. If you grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables,…

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Grow a Salad in a Single Pot

You don’t need a large, sprawling garden to enjoy a crisp salad fresh-picked from your own plants. With careful choices and proper care, you can grow a healthy, delicious salad in just one pot! Best Pots for Growing Salads Ideally, larger pots with ample room for a variety plants are…

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Grow Your Own Grilling Herbs

There’s nothing that tastes more like summer than anything grilled – from a prime cut steak to a juicy chicken breast to all your favorite burgers, bratwurst, and garden veggies. But to bring out the fullest flavor of a grilled menu, you need the very best herbs. Why not grow…

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Butterfly Bush

What could be more enjoyable than relaxing in your favorite lawn chair or hammock, your sunglasses on and a cool beverage in hand, staring at an enchanting array of colorful butterflies milling around their favorite plant? What could possibly be an easier way to accomplish this vision than by planting a simple butterfly bush?

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Best Scents for a Mindful Garden

Gardening is an immersive, sensory experience. You see the rich colors of the flowers, foliage, and produce you grow, and hear the bees buzzing, birds singing, and wind rustling whenever you work in the garden. You feel the grains of dirt beneath your fingers with planting and weeding, and feel…

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