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  We have been talking a bit about Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as Mums, these past few weeks. These are one of the more popular flowers for fall decorating for a number of reasons. Not only do they provide a variety of vibrant fall colors,...
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Nothing says Fall like a sitting around the fire! Stop By Molzon's and grab Your Firewood Today! Pricing: Full Cord: $290.00 + Delivery Half Cord: $160.00 + Delivery *Small Quantities Available Upon Request  
Did You Know.... - Hibiscus plants prefer a spot with Full Sun - Many Countries around the worls use Hibiscus to make tear and other tasty beverages - In Mexico specifically, dried Hibiscus is considered a delicacy Tips for Planting Hibiscus 1.) We...
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Spring isn’t the only time you can plant shrubs and flowers. Fall is a great time, too! The cool temperatures throughout the fall make it easier for the plants to grow. You don’t have to worry about the hot summer sun placing stress on young roots...
September has officially arrived which means one thing, summer is officially over. However, Fall is right around the corner! Thankfully we have a few more warm weeks left before the autumn breeze comes through. With Fall’s cool weather starting in...
Hardy Mums vs. Florist Mums We have all heard of mums, but did you know that there are Hardy Mums and Florist Mums? The bigger question is what exactly is there difference between the two? The main difference is that Hardy Mums put out stolons,...
At Molzon’s we get a bunch of questions daily. Everything from - “What are the best plants to put in my yard?” to “How do I keep critters away from my beloved plants?” However, one of the top questions we are asked is - “When is the best time to...
The general rule of thumb is that plants need an average of 1 inch of water a week. Normally, when we think of rain and gardening it is a good thing! However excessive rain, like we have received lately, could be disastrous for our our gardens. When...
August is here! With the more than adequate rainfall that we received this past July (and continue to receive) most of the plants don’t look too tired from the heat. Your vegetable garden is staying strong and your flower gardens are FULL of color!...
So you have decided to start a garden but you have no clue what tools you will need for the task? Not to worry! We understand that walking down the gardening isle can be overwhelming. There are a wide array of tools that help with a variety of...
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Did you know that not all garden insects are pests? There are actually a handful of insects that are considered garden “beneficials” and help naturally control the pests in your garden. One of those beneficial insects is popularly known as the “...
We have all worked hard this year and deserve some much needed time off! However, when we do so we are leaving our daily household responsibilities such as tending to our plants and garden(s). While we can enjoy a nice break our plants cannot join...


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