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Did you know that Poinsettias have a day of its own? December 12th  is known as National Poinsettia Day! To celebrate the “Christmas Flower”, here are some Fun Facts about Poinsettias! In the U.S., the flower was named after the U.S. ambassador to...
Molzon's is hosting their annual Toy Drive to support the Middletown Township Police Department and Social Services.  Click HERE For More Information.
Its Day 3 of Mozlon's 12 Days of Christmas! Stop By Molzon's Garden Center TODAY and receive 10% off our Vance Kitira Candles. Not only do these candles smell and look great, but they are eco-friendly and burn for nearly 100 hours!  Learn more about...
The 2018 Holiday Season is officially here! To help you celebrate, Mozlon's is having their 12 Days of Christmas Sale starting on December 1, 2018! Be sure to check website everyday from December 1st through the 12th to take advantage of all the...
With our stomachs full of turkey dinners and delicious desserts from Thanksgiving, it is safe to say that the Holiday season has officially begun! With Christmas fast approaching, one of the best Holiday traditions is finding that PERFECT Christmas...
Are you looking to get a jump start on the spring’s growing season? So are we! A true gardener never ceases to forget their lawn and the maintenance it requires. Actually, we’re always dreaming of how great our lawn will look the following spring!...
  Many fall lawn applications have used the term “winterizer” to promote the sale of fertilizer blends from August through November. As we cold weather starts to move in, you’re probably wondering if you should be applying a late fall fertilizer as...
Are you enjoying our Dig It with Molzon's web series? Well if you are ever looking for further information, visit our website! It is filled with a variety of tips and tricks to help you with your garden! Click HERE to learn more.
While October has been a beautiful month it is sadly coming to a close. With the end of the month looming, we are certainly seeing the temperatures drop as we inch closer to winter. For gardeners, a true sign that winter is here is when the first...
Click HERE to join Molzon's as we discuss everything that you need to know about Pruning!
Trees in general offer so many benefits to your home, yard, and garden. They produce clean oxygen for us to breathe, some species provide us with food, and so much more! Blue Spruce Trees, specifically, are one of the more common trees that are...
One of the most exciting parts of fall is finding the perfect pumpkin to bring home for carving. If you have a few kids tagging along, chances are, you’ll be bringing home several pumpkins! Pumpkins aren’t exactly cheap, and most places charge by...
Click HERE to join Molzon's as we discuss the variety of Plants with Attractive Berries that we have at our Garden Center!  
This is the time of the year when people don’t know what to do with all their leaves! There are plenty of ideas for putting backyard leaves to good use, such as using them for compost, mulch or insulation for tender plants. But there’s another way...
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