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Why I Garden: To Watch Things in My Garden Grow

Watching a tiny seed turn into a large, beautiful plant is one of the most exciting parts of gardening. It's such a thrill to see the progress that it makes every day. Some people like to sprout their seeds before they put them in the ground. This works best for seeds that have a hard exterior. Otherwise, it takes at least two weeks to see any signs of growth coming from them. This isn't always possible when a person is planting a large garden though. Those who want to grow plants from seeds that progress faster than this may want to try the following types of plants instead:


Tomatoes can sprout in just a few days. The trick is to make use of your kitchen scraps. Leftover slices of tomatoes from a meal that still have seeds in the center of them can be buried in the middle of a pot. Or you can put them directly in the ground. As soon as the plants get large enough, they can be thinned out or separated to grow more of them. Be sure to use only organic tomato slices because the seeds are more likely to be fertile. Non-organic tomatoes from the store will also grow from seeds, but they often don't produce fruit.


Any kind of beans or legumes will sprout fast. Sometimes, it only takes two or three days before they show signs of a root already starting to form. In fact, they are so easy to sprout that many people soak a handful of them every few days just to be able to have some bean sprouts for adding to their salads.


Since corn plants get so tall, be sure to leave plenty of space in between the rows of dried corn kernels that you use for seeds. When they are watered regularly, it is common to have these plants germinate in less than a week. The only problem with growing them is that local wildlife also love them. So sprinkle some chili powder over the area to be sure that they don't get dug up by a squirrel or bird looking for a snack.


Those who keep their bird feeders full can attest to the fast sprouting time of sunflower seeds. Any of them left on the ground will start to show signs of life after just a day or two of getting rain. One of the fastest growing sunflower seeds comes from the Russian mammoth sunflower plant. It gets its name because it easily grows higher than some one-story houses. So don't try planting it in any places where there are any tree branches growing in the way. It requires full sun and plenty of water each day.

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