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Why I Garden: To Teach Children and Grandchildren

Many years ago, families purposefully had many children for the sole purpose of ensuring that there was plenty of free labor to help do the work of maintaining the home and surrounding land. This might sound cruel, but they stayed in better shape and had a lower risk of disease than many of the kids do today. They also had better work ethics. One of the common chores given to boys and girls at a young age was to care for the garden. It was one of the most important tasks because it was often the sole source of vegetables and fruits that were needed to make meals to feed everyone. But since food is more readily available now, most children have no idea how to grow anything. Luckily, there has been an increase in the amount of parents and grandparents that have taken it upon themselves to teach them. This offers the following benefits to the kids:

A Chance to Learn From the Best

It takes many decades to learn how to grow and care for a wide range of plants. So by the time someone has children or grandchildren, they have learned quite a bit, especially if they also started gardening as a child. All of this information can be passed on to a little one who is eager to learn and spend time with them.

A Better Future

When you can grow your own foods, the chance of going hungry during lean times is reduced, especially if you learn which plants are edible, which ones aren't, and food preservation methods. Adults still surviving from the Great Depression can attest to this. One never knows when there could be a job loss or other situation that could affect the ability of someone to purchase food.

A Trade

When a child learns how to garden, they can work in any industry related to plants when they grow up. It also teaches them important work ethics, such as staying with a job until it is finished, doing a good job, and not giving up. That is because if a plant isn't cared for properly, the results of the neglect will be visible right away.

Respect for Other Living Beings

Teaching children respect for others is an important part of ensuring that they are successful adults. Without this lesson, they will struggle with keeping a job and maintaining friendships. And the more that they work with a parent or grandparent, the more that they will learn this. They have to be patient, kind, and thoughtful of someone who possibly can't get around as well as they can while they listen to the lessons that are given to them. Children who garden also learn respect for animals and other living beings around them as they work with nature day after day.


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