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Why I Garden: To Nurture My Soul

In most of the developed countries of the world, there has been a vast expansion of modern conveniences that should have made everyone have more time to relax and enjoy life. But instead, people have longer work schedules than ever before, more errands to run, and tons of stress. It isn't good for the body or the mind because it increases the risk for a multitude of diseases. In fact, there has been so many stress-related heart attacks from overwork that a Japanese name is used to identify them. They are called “karoshi.” Luckily, it is easy to prevent this type of damage to the body. All a person has to do is keep a more balanced schedule and take a little time out of each day to nurture their soul. And one easy way to do that is with gardening. It helps rejuvenate the mind and body in the following ways:

Less Stress by Instilling a Connection With the Earth

When a person never takes a break from their problems and worries, they begin to forget that they are part of a much larger picture. And this feeling of being disconnected and detached contributes to a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety. A booming world of life surrounds everyone, but most don't take the time to look for it. Spending time out in the garden allows people a chance to become reconnected to the earth though. They can watch the plants grow and change through the seasons just like all humans do.

Release of Obsessive Negative Thoughts

It has been proven that those who tend to ruminate over the stressful events that happen are affected the most deeply by them. So in other words, by letting them go, even temporarily, a person can begin to heal from them sooner. Gardening is helpful for this because it requires so much attention and focus. So the mind can't stay on the negative thoughts any longer. And what is best is that any gardening activity is suitable for getting this benefit. A person can weed, plant, or till up the soil to feel better fast.

Improved Physical State

As gardening relaxes the mind, it is also relaxes the muscles and arteries in the body because a person feels less tense. That means, blood can flow more easily, which reduces the likeliness of a heart attack or stroke. And when someone is calm and happy, there is also a release of feel-good neurochemicals in the brain that contributes to a person's overall health. Inflammation is reduced too. So those who suffer from arthritis or autoimmune diseases that are exacerbated by stress often find that their condition improves when they start gardening regularly.

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