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Why I Garden: To Learn From the Experience

The first evidence of people purposefully gathering and growing plants was in 10,000 B.C. But it could have started before this. This type of gardening was done primarily in the forests where the ancient men and women put up fences to protect the plants that they took care of. Gardening expanded from the woody areas to include plots of land close to the rivers. That way, it was easier to carry water to them. People found that by maintaining their gardens, they could have a steady source of food that was easier to obtain than having to search for it all the time.

The knowledge of gardening was passed down through the years to other generations, and somehow, it spread across the continents. This could be why there are still so many people around the world who are interested in the cultivation of plants for food. Now more than ever, it has become increasingly important that all of this information be passed on to the young people of the world. Otherwise, it might be lost forever.

A person can learn a lot from growing a garden, but patience is the most important thing to know about. Trying to rush the process in any way will damage the plants. They have to be carefully nurtured to ensure their success.

Responsibility and consistency are also crucial because if plants are not taken care of each day, they won't survive. A strict watering schedule must be kept. The seeds have to be collected. And the dead growth has to be trimmed off.

Gardening also teaches people to have a sense of protectiveness over other life forms. Each plant has to be sheltered against the storms. And insects and other pests have to be kept at bay. Sometimes, gardeners even have to protect their plants from other people.

Each type of plant has its own special requirements that have to be learned too. Some need more or less water than others. There are also differences in light requirements and soil types. And the nutrition tilled in with fertilizers always varies.

One of the aspects about gardening that people are still learning about is all the ways that plants can be used. Scientists have discovered a multitude of healing properties hidden in the herbs, flowers, and trees of the earth. Some of them have the potential to save lives, but it has taken centuries for them to find out what little they know. Interestingly enough, most of their research is based on the ways that ancient people used plants. Since their survival depended on eating only those that were safe, they quickly learned to cultivate the berries, nuts, and other plants that weren't toxic. So by studying their ways of preparing and preserving them, modern folks have been able to figure out more of their potential uses.

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