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Why I Garden: To Inspire Others

Although gardeners rarely talk about it, it is a common fact that we can't stop looking at plants. Our heads turn every time that we pass a bountiful display of azaleas, asters, and ferns clustered perfectly around the ornamental statues and water features at the park. One of the main reasons for this neck-craning habit is the never ending search for inspiration that we all seem to have.

Our gardens can get to be stagnant after a while. If we don't get a fresh makeover sometimes, the plants in them will stop flourishing. But trying to find some new ideas that will work isn't easy, which is why we strain to look at all the wonders around us for something that we can use. Unbeknownst to us, others are doing the same thing while they ponder our unusual planting methods as well. So in a way, gardeners inspire each other, which is something that none of us really seem to mind.

One of the things that we often look for the most is some new gardening container ideas to add into the landscape. Perhaps, an old brass bed was put out into the yard with rows of carnations planted in it to make them look like a blanket. Or ferns were planted into old milk bottles set in a carrier made just for them. Purses hung out on the clothesline holding English ivy are interesting too. And so is the way that some people use old furniture drawers as planter boxes. It makes us rush home to see how maybe we can make something similar with the things that we already have.

Besides peering into other people's yards, we also love to look at magazines and books that give us how-to information for building garden features. Some of them are nice enough to include a step-by-step guide on the building process. Others only give pictures that show the finished project, which causes a fury of frustration as we search for a way to duplicate the results. But the best part about not knowing is that we learn a lot along the way. And this information can be passed on to our other gardener friends who beg for the details.

One of the best things about being a gardener is that our work sometimes also inspires people to want to have a garden too. This could be partly because they don't want to look bad. When their plain, grass-covered landscape sits side-by-side with ours that is covered in wall-to-wall plants, it makes them literally green with envy. So they break out their shovels in hopes of creating something just as fantastic. Soon, the whole neighborhood is involved, and there is a whole new host of ideas for everyone.

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