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Why I Garden: For a Higher Property Value

Those who are hoping to sell their home will have a much easier time if they spruce up the landscaping. They will also be able to get a higher price than they ever thought was possible. Beautiful flowers, trees, and bushes all boost up the value by thousands of dollars, especially if a homeowner chooses the right plants.

Read on for a list of six of the best plants to add when you want to increase your property value.

Ginkgo Biloba Trees

Although this tree is the most common in Asia, it can be found in the United States too. It has been known to live for over 100 years, so there is a lot of folklore that surrounds it. Some believe it may hold the secret to eternal life. But gardeners know that the main reason it lives so long is its innate ability to resist insects and fungi. It isn't a picky tree at all. Ginkgo biloba can survive in even the poorest of soils.

Oak Trees

Although they grow a little slower than other trees, oak trees are sturdy and strong. They can resist harsh storms and heavy layers of ice and snow. Because of this, they represent things that last to a potential homebuyer. It doesn't matter which variety of oak trees that a person chooses, but white and red oaks are big favorites.

English Ivy

Having this ivy trail up the side of your house will make it look more distinguished and charming, even if it doesn't have a perfect exterior. And what is best about it is that it doesn't take long to get it started. Most English ivy plants produce several feet of new growth in just a matter of a few months. For the fastest growth, be sure to water it daily though.

Holly Bushes

Holly bushes grow very slowly, so they usually have to be purchased as larger bushes from a plant nursery. They don't take long to get established after they are planted though. Holly is an evergreen bush that looks lovely all year long, which makes it helpful for keeping a property looking its best during the fall and winter.


Although they are small and inexpensive flowers, petunias are sturdy enough to withstand chilly temperatures in the late winter and early spring. Some people keep them in pots in the fall season too. Their charming appearance makes a property look more like home.


Begonias have an eye-catching color that grabs the attention of passersby. They are very easy to take care of. All they need is a thorough watering as soon as the top of the soil dries out. But the only problem with them is that they can only be kept outside during the summertime. Begonias don't do well in chilly temperatures.

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