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Why I Garden: To Have Organic Food

Years ago, when a person went grocery shopping, everything that was sold in the store was organic. But it isn't like that anymore. People have to take a wild guess at what might be lurking inside the bunch of kale that they are holding in their hands from the produce section. It could be full of pesticides that could make their family sick or even GMOs. Luckily, most stores have started labeling their produce, so people know whether or not it is organic. But those who buy the organic fruits and vegetables pay a much steeper price, which is why more people are starting to grow their own produce instead. This gardening option offers the following benefits:

More Nutrition

Fruits and vegetables grown in a person's garden have more nutrition. The reason for this is that they can stay long enough on the plant before they are harvested. Usually, farmers have to pick them too soon to prevent them from spoiling on the way to the store. The extra time gives them a chance to fully develop and deepen in color.

No Genetically Modified Organisms

Although some companies swear that the foods that they have genetically engineered are completely safe, no one really knows much about the long-term effects of eating something that is so unnatural. Since some seeds that are sold in plant stores have been genetically altered too, it is best that gardeners search for a strictly organic type to plant. That way, they can ensure that they only grow healthy foods for them and their family.

No Chemicals

To have the highest amount of produce to sell, many farmers use a multitude of chemical products on the fields that the fruits and vegetables grow in. Some are herbicides that keep away any weeds that could crowd out the plants. There are also many pesticides used to prevent insects from eating the produce before it can reach the market. And since the produce is picked before it is ready, there are sprays used to make it look ripe and appealing to the customers who don't know any differently. When a person raises their own food, they can choose natural products instead. So it gives them more control over what they put into their body.

Better Taste

Fully-ripened fruits and vegetables taste amazing when they get picked from the garden to use in a meal. And their flavor doesn't disappear if they are preserved for later use. So a person with a home garden can still enjoy them when they are dried, frozen, or canned. For the best flavor possible, they should only be eaten with other organic food products. A lot of dairy and meat products sold in the store also contain chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics that are harmful to a person's health.

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