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Why I Garden: To Have a Nicer Home

It has been proven that having the right landscaping can increase a home's property value by tens of thousands of dollars if it is done right. There are several reasons for this. First of all, gardens make a house look more charming and livable. To prove this fact, try driving around the area that you live in as if you are a new home buyer. As you will see, the houses that seem the most appealing are not the ones with stark lawns. Second of all, having a garden that is already planted and prepared is easier to care for than one that has to be started from scratch. And lastly, gardens and landscaping help the environment by providing shade and reducing soil erosion. Those who are interested in increasing their property value, or just making their home look nicer, can try the following gardening tips:

Start With a Plan

Gardens always look nicer when they are planned out on paper. This might be hard to do for a gardener who is guilty of planting things here or there as they see things that they like. But sporadic planting simply isn't attractive. Everything has to be considered in the garden's design, especially the potential height and width of each plant in its mature state. And don't forget to choose plants with colors that compliment each other.

Keep it Small

A proper garden doesn't have to take over someone's entire lawn. In fact, it is recommended that beginner gardeners start out with just a small garden plot at first because it will be easier for them to maintain. If it is too large, it will probably not get watered, pruned, and weeded as often as it is needed.

Location Matters

Don't rush to plant a garden in an area of the lawn just because the grass doesn't seem to grow there. It might look aesthetically pleasing at first, but there is no guarantee that the plants will survive. Try to determine why the bare spot is occurring first. If it is a matter of too much shade, then the plants have to be tailored to the special types of them that prefer less light. But if insects or grubs are the problem, the whole lawn should be treated first. The soil could also be a contributing factor, so check it with an easy soil tester that is sold in the garden section of most stores.

Ask for Help

Working with a professional landscaper is often the best solution to getting an attractive garden. They can personally look at the yard and offer some gardening design solutions that are specifically tailored to it. They can also help pick out the right plants and care for any other existing gardens and landscaping features that are on the property.

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