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Why I Garden: To Have Fun

For a person who doesn't enjoy getting their hands dirty, it isn't easy to understand why someone would love gardening so much. After all, how could that much raking, shoveling, and sweating in the hot afternoon sun be enjoyable? The answer, is that it is as fun as it is good for you! Maybe, that is because gardeners have a much different attitude about this type of work than others do. And attitude is everything when it comes to performing any task. A little bit of determination and the drive to succeed doesn't hurt either, but that can be applied to anything. So it helps others to see our point of view when we describe all the aspects of gardening that make it fun for us. A few of the best of them include:


The Smell of the Dirt


Don't laugh, but gardeners find the sweet aroma of fresh top soil mixed with compost and fertilizers to be intoxicating. If we could find this scent in a deodorizing spray for the house, we would certainly spend more time indoors. And, although this might surprise you, getting your hands dirty in the garden has been shown to have both physical and mental health benefits!


Watching Things Grow


There is nothing more fascinating in the world to us than watching the progress of a plant developing from a seed into a full-grown adult. It's like caring for a child, but without the need to worry about college tuition and homework being done. And maybe, that is why this aspect appeals to us. All of the nurturing and love in our hearts that we have to give can be put into something that doesn't cause us pressure. Each day, we monitor the garden's progression to ensure that it gets everything that it needs though. So after a while, we become attached enough to defend our plants from anything that might attack them. Crows, spider mites, and grasshoppers rue the day that they ended up on our prized roses and azaleas!


Avoiding Chores


Few gardeners will admit to enjoying this part of gardening because it will surely make them look bad. But working in a garden is fun because it helps us avoid things that we would rather not do. After all, who wouldn't prefer to prune back the raspberry vines instead of washing up six loads of dirty dishes. It is still a form of work that requires steady hands and a knowledge of the plant. So we pass off other jobs that we don't like in favor of the ones that we do.


Escape From Worries


Most tasks in the garden are simple, but you must be cautious to do them regularly. Otherwise, it will quickly turn into a jungle. So gardeners use the time that we spend pulling weeds and trimming hedges as a way to get away from it all each day. Our minds shut down temporarily as we are soothed by green foliage and colorful flowers. Some say that it puts them in a trance-like meditation.


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