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Why I Garden: To Have Flowers

Every gardener has a specific type of plants that is their favorite. Some prefer bushes and miniature trees pruned into tiny bonsai, others like xeriscaping with cacti, but the most popular plant to keep is flowers. That isn't just because they look pretty; They are important for the health and home in a lot of ways that most non-gardeners don't realize. Read on for a list of a few of the most versatile flowers and some common methods for using them.


This flower is called a weed because it grows so easily and it is hard to get rid of. So it might seem surprising that some people actually cultivate it in their garden on purpose. Dandelions are edible though. Their leaves make a delicious salad that is high in Vitamin C. And the flower itself can be turned into a fermented wine. Dandelions also cleanse the body of toxins and reduce swelling.


This flower loves well-drained soil and lots of sunshine, so it is commonly found growing in the South. But many folks living in northern states have managed to cultivate it too. The entire plant can be used to make a fragrant perfume, but the flowers have the strongest scent. Lavender can be made into a tea to drink on a stressful day. It also looks pretty sprinkled on top of a salad or dessert. But it is highly prized in the South the most because it repels insects and scorpions.

German Chamomile

The flowers sitting on the top of this plant are small, but they have important medicinal properties that make them highly sought after. When made into a tea, they can be used to clean wounds to lessen their healing time. Chamomile works great for acne, rashes, and insect bites. The tea can also be drank to help someone feel less anxious on a stressful day.


This flower is a member of the daisy family. It can be found growing in the wild in grassy meadows. But its similarity to other daisies makes it difficult to correctly identify. So to prevent the risk of grabbing something potentially toxic, it is easier to simply start it from seeds in a few pots. Most gardeners grow it to have it on hand for the treatment of migraines. It looks lovely when it is used as a border to other taller flowers.


The healing properties of echinacea have become quickly known to mothers in the United States because it works so well for boosting the immune system. When little ones come home with a bad cold or virus, a tea made of these pretty flowers will help them feel better fast. It works the best when it is used along with elderberries.

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