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Why I Garden: For the Fragrance

Many gardeners grow specific plants just for their scent. Some like the way that the garden stays fragrant as they walk through it. Others want to use the plants for homemade perfumes, essential oils, and potpourri. Luckily, the plants that have the strongest scents are easy to grow. Read on for a list of six of them.

English Lavender

Lavender grows best in a sunny location. It has to have well-drained soil that dries out in between watering times. Because of this, it isn't one to grow next to a pond or water feature. Once this plant becomes mature, it produces tiny purple flowers on top. This part of the plant has the strongest scent. However, so nothing goes to waste, the leaves can also be used.


The more that you ignore this plant, the happier it will be. Set it in the sunniest location of your yard though because it doesn't do well in the shade. Rosemary plants can be pruned into topiaries or bushes, so many people grow several of them side-by-side along the front of their house.


The best way to grow roses is in clusters. They love being planted near one another. And it doesn't matter which varieties that you choose. Roses all get along well. The ones that have the strongest scent usually have large flowers, so choose these over any miniature varieties.


Honeysuckle plants have small flowers that run down long vines. Most people recognize their sweet scent at the very beginning of the summer season. These plants are the happiest when they have something to hold on to, so plant them near a trellis or a fence. They can climb up the side of a house that has a rough exterior surface too.


It takes a lot of patience to first sprout peonies from a bulb. Months pass by before they finally start to get several leaves. But once they are established, they come up faster. Peonies turn into rather large bushes, and the flowers that they produce are also large. You can find them mostly in pink and white varieties. Don't be alarmed if you notice ants attracted to this plant. They are welcome guests that help the blooms open up.


Although the mint plant is smaller in size than a lot of other plants, it can quickly take over a garden in just a season or two. It has a lovely scent that humans love, but animals don't. So it is good to grow around areas where you are trying to keep away pests. Its light requirements are flexible. Any location with either a lot of sun or mostly shade will do. Some people use it as a ground cover.

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