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Why I Garden: To Express My Creative Side

To see all the creative aspects of gardening, all a person needs to do is take a stroll around their local neighborhood. Each house has a unique landscape with different plants that are used in different ways. None of them are ever the same. Because of this, many consider gardening to be a living form of artwork that expands and grows with time. Those who are interested in making their gardens more creative can try to add a few of the following features:

Fairy Gardens

This type of garden has become increasingly popular because it's so eye-catching and charming. To make your own, first purchase some tiny fairy furniture from the craft store. You can also make your own out of clay. Then, come up with something that can be turned into a little house, such as a small clay pot. Attach a little door and some windows to it. Arrange the other little furniture around the outside of the house. Then, add some plants. Some people like to build entire fairy villages throughout a portion of their landscaping. But a fairy garden can also be built in just one or two pots set where everyone can see.

Rock Gardens

Since they come from the earth, rocks look perfectly natural arranged around plants in a garden. This type of garden works especially well for xeroscaping. Vines and other long, flowing plants can be trained to trail over them in a pattern too. And they can be built into other unique features for the garden, such as waterfalls, retaining walls, and borders. Those who prefer to work with small rocks might want to try cementing some together to build miniature bridges, castles, or other ornamental features for the plants to grow around.


Many different bushes, trees, and vines can be trained to grow into specific shapes. Creating topiaries is a long process that takes a lot of patience though. But the results are so beautiful to admire that it is worth it. Because of this, they are considered to be very valuable by those who don't want to wait for the years it takes to get them to look their best. They can be bought in different sizes to plant directly into the ground, but they are quite expensive. So most true gardeners prefer to grow their own.

Hanging Gardens

Those who have little floor space on a patio or balcony may want to try to make a hanging garden instead. Baskets of luscious flowers and greenery suspended from hooks work well for offering some extra privacy on a porch or backyard trellis too. For the best effect, try to choose plants in different heights and colors. And include some that will naturally trail down the sides of the baskets.

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