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Why I Garden: For Confirmation of a Job Well Done

One of the main reasons that so many people love to garden is how rewarding it is. As long as a person takes the time to give the plants what they need, they will thrive. However, this isn't always easy because some plants are more difficult to grow than others. That doesn't mean that they have to be avoided though. In fact, some gardeners prefer to work with plants that are exceptionally hard to take care of because they enjoy the challenge that they pose, especially when they get to hear other gardeners give them confirmation of what a good job that they have done. Those who are interested in trying to get some praise from other gardeners in their area may want to try the following tips for caring for some of the most finicky plants.

Think About What the Plant Wants

The best gardeners know that their opinion of a plant's preferences means very little. There are many influencing factors at play that determine its success. So plant reference books can be used to get information on some starting guidelines, but they can only tell a person a certain amount of information. The rest is up to them to learn. That is because each backyard or window ledge has its own unique micro-climate that influences the plants. Some places will have more sunlight than others. And there will be variances in humidity and heat too. So the best thing to do is to carefully monitor and record what seems to be working on a daily basis. And be sure to watch out for anything that could cause the plant stress.

Start Out Small

Don't try to handle too many finicky plants all at once. Working with one group of them is easier, and you will have a higher chance of success. For example, a person who is interested in roses might want to focus solely on propagating and growing hybrid versions of them until they are well established enough to display them for others to see.

Avoid Dangerous Plants

While it is great to show off your gardening skills, it is best to stick with safer plants, such as jade plants and dracaena. Working with varieties that you know little about could prove to be dangerous because a lot of finicky plants are toxic. One of them is nightshade. It looks a little different depending on where it is grown. There are some types of it that love dry land, and others that like to be by the water. So it can be easily mixed up with other plants. If a person doesn't know enough about it, they could get sick or even die from it because its berries are poisonous. Just eating a few of them can put a person in the hospital.

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