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Why I Garden: Because of My Parents

It is hard to forget all the memories of gardening with your parents as a child. But some of them seem to stand out the most, especially the first bite of a vegetable that a little one helped to grow or the first flower that appeared on a bush that they practiced pruning on. Although these lessons probably seemed small and unimportant at the time, they were the building blocks of a lifetime of learning how to properly garden. There are several reasons that parents decide to teach their children this skill.

For a Sustainable Food Source

Some children learn to garden from their parents because it is a necessity that they have to know how to do to ensure their long-term survival. This might not sound possible in America because it is considered to be the richest country in the world. But there are still poor families that depend solely on the produce that they raise themselves. This is often because they don't have enough money to get everything that they need at the grocery store. And the food banks nearby only give out starches and sweets that offer little nutritional benefits.

To Put a Stop to Picky Eaters

Another reason parents teach children to garden is so that they have more of an appreciation for where food comes from and how hard it is to get. This is especially helpful for little ones who have become finicky eaters. Fruits and vegetables that they once turned away start to look more appealing when they have a hand in raising them.

To Raise Environmentally Conscious Children

Children who garden are also more aware of the impact that they have on the earth, which means that they tend to be more conscious of the environment. So sometimes, parents of children who tend to not think before they act might try to guide them by encouraging them to actively participate in protecting an area that they might normally disregard.

To Ensure a Child's Emotional and Physical Well-Being

Nurturing plants also contributes to the emotional and physical health and well-being of a child. So parents who are concerned about their small child's development may want to bring them along while they perform gardening activities. It will help them work on hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, and problem solving while they get some fresh air and exercise.

To Encourage Good Work Ethics

Parents of older children may want them to work out in the garden as a way of teaching them responsibility. If plants aren't taken care of properly, they won't survive. So the children have to be diligent at watering, fertilizing, and protecting them. And they will get to see the fruits of their labor right in front of them, which gives them a great sense of pride and accomplishment that encourages them to keep up the hard work.

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