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Why I Garden: To Beautify the Yard

For those who enjoy a challenge, fixing up a worn out yard or large property is one of the best hobbies to have. All it takes is some creativity and hard work, and any place can be turned into something beautiful that everyone will admire. But since taking on this type of home improvement project is no easy task, it helps to have a few guidelines to get started with.

Start Out Small

Don't try to do too much at once when you first start trying to beautify your yard. On some days, you might only be able to get weeding and watering done, so just do what you can towards maintenance tasks before you move on to the major projects. This applies to days when you plan to put some plants in the ground too. If you try to hurry, the plants might not be treated with the same amount of care that they would if you only did a few at a time. People who hire a professional landscaper to do all their planting for them must also consider this. Although most people want the project completed faster, it will look better if the crew can take their time with it.

Don't Cover Everything

Plants look the best when there are some bare spaces in between them and they need some space to spread out and multiply. So don't overcrowd your planting areas. Grassy places left in between garden beds are also important because it makes it easier to work on them without trampling the plants. And they make the yard look prettier because it doesn't seem overcrowded.

Have a Focal Point

To be the most attractive, each yard should have a main focal point that is fairly substantial in size. It can consist of one or more tall plants, or it can be some kind of garden statue. A water feature is also nice if it has enough height. The purpose of it is to draw the eye towards the garden. The features surrounding it should be tailored down in different sizes.

Don't Let Everyone See Everything at Once

The most beautiful gardens aren't completely visible. They have twists and turns through them that make people want to keep searching until they see it all. So hide some mysterious features back behind trees and foliage. Leave just a hint of what's to come by placing a trail of stepping stones for a path that beckons passersby.

Use Lots of Color

While there is nothing wrong with having lots of greenery, a garden isn't quite as special without some plants that give it color. Go for dramatic displays that make people stop and stare and don't keep things monochromatic. Layer different colors of flowers across your garden beds.

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