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Why I Garden: For All the Plants

Even with all of their flower beds fully planted, a gardener will still head down to their local nursery on a regular basis to see all the new plants that have been shipped in. One never knows what they'll find among all the cacti, bushes, flowers, and trees that they sell. So after promising themselves that this time they'll come home empty handed, they leave with yet another pot full of tulip bulbs or a few more packets of seeds. The reason for this is their true love of plants. It makes them yearn for a chance to cultivate and nurture as many of them as possible, even if they really don't have the room. Unfortunately, this leaves little space for much of anything else in the yard though. So for those who have found that they are starting to have an excess of plants, there are some things that they can do to thin them down a bit.

Start a Trading Club

Get together with other gardeners in the area to swap plants once a month or so. It helps to give away more than you bring home though. Otherwise, the amount of plants that you have will quickly get out of hand again. Dig up the offshoots from mother plants in the yard before you leave and trim back any bulbs that have multiplied. Put everything in bags and boxes right away, so they don't wilt before you get there. You can also take turns hosting the gardening trading club at each person's house. Let the other gardeners walk around to see what you have extras of.

Dry Your Plants

It does little good to grow herbs and flowers for home remedies if you never use them. So one quick way to thin out a garden bed is by cutting these plants back. Take along some twine and a big basket with you. That way, you can bundle up the herbs for drying right away. If some of the herbs and flowers have small parts that can't be tied up, then use a brown paper bag for them. It will help draw out the moisture, so they don't get moldy.

Donate Your Extras

Find a family in your local neighborhood that is trying to fix up their yard on a budget. They will be happy to have a few extra plants for free. If you aren't sure who is in need, you can try posting a sign up in your yard. Or simply set the extra plants that you have in some make-shift pots, and put them on a table in the yard with a “free” sign on it. It won't take long before you have a crowd of admirers ready to grab them all up.

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