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When is the best Time to landscape my home?

I always plant my new garden beds in the fall.

I plant them, fertilize them, water them in, mulch heavily, and maybe water them once more. Fall's cool weather and rain does the rest, and I am not a slave to weekly or daily watering in the hot summer.

The biggest problem is that it won't be "beautiful" for 9 months. Planted in September, the perennials will peak in June and July. Many people would plant in May. But they will be a slave to the clock and to watering, and it won't look as full as if it was planted in September.

So, let's list the actual benefits:

1-Perennials and shrubs planted in fall will be twice as big next year as the same thing planted next May.

2-Plants will look more established, more like a finished garden when planted in the fall.

3-Cooler temps for the person planting. Makes the task enjoyable, not a chore.

4-Cooler temperatures mean less watering. Less working in the garden, more time enjoying the garden.

Fall is for planting. I’m not sure how we got mixed up with our planting times. Years ago, no one would plant in the spring. (except for the vegetable garden and annuals) Do yourself and your plants a favor-PLANT THIS FALL.

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