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What to Plant in the Fall

Spring isn’t the only time you can plant shrubs and flowers. Fall is a great time, too!

The cool temperatures throughout the fall make it easier for the plants to grow. You don’t have to worry about the hot summer sun placing stress on young roots - or yourself for that matter! The soil is still warm, so the roots can grow effectively.

Generally, there is enough rain at this time of the year to deeply water plants, but you may still have to do some watering. A final benefit to fall planting is that pests and diseases have mostly subsided.

What Can I Plant in the Fall?

What are some of the things that you can successfully plant in the fall? Let’s check them out!

  • Spring Bulbs. All spring-blooming bulbs need a period of dormancy before they will bloom. If you love having a bright, beautiful display of spring bulbs, plant them in the fall. Snowdrop, English bluebell and daffodil are a few of our favorites, and they won’t be nibbled on by deer and other wildlife.

  • Pansies. Pansies do very well being planted in the fall because the warm soil helps their roots come in. Plus, when you plant them in autumn, you get two seasons out of them rather than one. To keep your pansies strong and healthy, remove dead flowers and keep the soil moist. When the temps freeze, place mulch around the plants.

  • Trees and Shrubs. Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. The weather is cool and the soil is warm, helping the young roots establish themselves before harsh weather. Just be sure to give freshly planted trees and shrubs adequate water until the ground freezes.

  • Turfgrass. Out here in New Jersey, it’s best to plant cool-season grasses like bluegrass and fescue in early fall. Fertilize these grasses in early September and then again in early November. Come spring, your lawn will be ready!

  • Cool-Season Veggies. Some vegetables grow well in cool conditions such as lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard. These veggies should be planted in early August, so if you didn’t do that already, put them on the calendar for next year.

The planting season is NOT over! If you enjoy planting flowers, shrubs or trees, you can get great deals right now. Stop into Molzon’s for an awesome selection of flowers, plants and accessories!!

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