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Tips for Planting on a Sloped Yard

Does your yard have a slope? Are you having trouble finding plants that will look great and survive on the incline? Look no further!

Gardening on an incline is definitely not easy. Anyone with a slope in their yard understands its’ struggles. If there is grass on the slope, it is a olympic battle with the lawnmower just to cut that section of the lawn. If you have plants there, watering them is nearly impossible! You no longer have to worry about that pesky slope anymore because we have some tips for you! Believe it or not, there are actually a variety of plants that thrive on steep inclines!

First off, do not cover your lawn with a single type of plant, and here is why; the more uniform the area looks the more flaws can be observed. For example,  if the entire slope is covered in a single plant it is easier to see a plant that is dead, discolored, or even weeds that are growing amongst the area. Also, believe it or not, it will create MORE work for you. The best way to tackle the slope(s) in your yard is to choose a variety of plants -- such as trees, shrubs, perennials and certain types of ground covers.

Now you are probably wondering which plants work the best on sloped yards. To be honest, some of the best plant types happen to be ground covers. These plants will root along the length of their stems forming a mat-like appearance. If you are not a fan of ground-covers, you can also clump plants together. The best plants that work best for that include prairie plants, ornamental grasses, ground cover roses, and shrubs.

If your slope is steep, make sure you check with Molzon's to ensure the plants will not cause erosion and other dangers to your home.  


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