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Tips for Caring for Your Mums!


We have been talking a bit about Chrysanthemums, more commonly known as Mums, these past few weeks. These are one of the more popular flowers for fall decorating for a number of reasons. Not only do they provide a variety of vibrant fall colors, but they are fairly easy to take care of as well. Mums will thrive in both an outside garden or even in a pot. If you recently purchased some Mums from us or you are thinking about getting some for your gardens, here are some helpful tips on how to properly care for them!


  1. Re-Plant Your Mums
    Regardless if you plan to keep your Mums inside or out, they will live longer if you take the time to replant them. If you plant on keeping them indoors, make sure you choose a pot that is large enough for your Mum(s) to grow. If you are planting them outside, choose a spot where they have plenty of space to flourish.

    **Planting Tip: Mums typically don’t thrive as much when they are competing with other plants. We recommend planting them eighteen inches apart for outside gardens or by themselves in pots.**

  2. Choose a Sunny Spot
    Indoor or Outdoor, These plants LOVE the sun. So make sure when you are choose where you want your Mum(s) that you take into consideration the amount of sunlight that will be hitting them.
  3. Hydration is Key!
    This rules goes for any plants, not just Mums, but after you replant your Mums we recommend that you give them plenty of water. With regards to Mums, they should receive about an inch of water a week until they are more established. Please check out out Watering Guide for further information!
  4. Enjoy Your Flowers!
    Now that you have replanted, found the perfect sunny spot, and watered your Mums it's time to sit back an enjoy them! Take in the crisp, fall air and all the fall colors :) 

If you have any further questions, feel free to give Molzon’s a call or come visit us at our Garden Center! Also, don’t forget to stop by and check out all the of our other Fall plants and decorations to help get you in the Fall spirit :)

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