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Prep Your Yard for the Winter Season

Are you looking to get a jump start on the spring’s growing season? So are we! A true gardener never ceases to forget their lawn and the maintenance it requires. Actually, we’re always dreaming of how great our lawn will look the following spring! As we ease our way into colder temperatures, you can begin prepping your yard for the winter season and getting a head start on next spring’s growing season. Here are some gardening "chores" that we recommend doing!

  • Mow Low
    Cut down the grass to 1 to 1-½ inches. This will make it easier to aerate and to determine how much compost is needed. If you let your grass go and it’s more than 3 inches tall, take down the grass in small increments so that you don’t add unnecessary stress.
  • Aerate the Lawn
    Lawn aeration is the secret weapon to making your lawn look great. Choose a day when the soil is wet and soggy so that the plugs can penetrate into the soil. You can use either a hand aerator or machine.
  • Seed in Bare Spots
    If there are bare spots in your yard, throwing down new seed will help the grass come in for next year. Top-dress the spots using compost, fertilizer and seed. Performing a soil test will determine what type of soil you have and if lime needs to be added to make it more acidity. 
  • Rake and Water
    Once you have laid new seed, mix it into the compost using a rake. Water lightly, about two times a day for five minutes each, until the seeds sprout. Then, you’ll only need to water once a day, but for at least 15 minutes. As the grass grows in, let it reach 3 inches and then mow it back down for the winter season
  • Go Easy on Pruning
    It’s common for people to go overboard on pruning, but this isn’t necessary before the winter. In fact, you should give your plants and trees a break in the fall. Pruning promotes growth, and you don’t want to encourage new growth before the plants go dormant. 
  • Cover the Garden
    Cover your garden with a nitrogen-rich cover crop so that you can simply turn it come spring. A good example is clover. You can also cover the garden crops in burlap, which keeps the weeds down.

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