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National Red Rose Day!


Today we would like to take the time to recognize and celebrate one of the most recognized and beloved flowers; the Red Rose. A Red Rose symbolizes Love and Affection. One may think that February may be a more appropriate time to recognize this iconic flower but actually June suits its celebration much better. For one, June is one of the most popular times for weddings and June is also the month that Roses bloom! Not only is the Red Rose a popular cut flower, but they are also one of the most popular flowers that people put in their flower beds, and around the outside of their homes, sheds, or garages. These flowers aren’t just easy to grow, but they produce an abundance of sweet scents from June all the way through to the first frost! If that didn’t peak your interest of roses, maybe these fun facts will :)


  1. Roses can grow quite tall with the tallest Rose ever recorded reached over 23 feet tall!
  2. While Red Roses are the most popular by far, there are over 100 different species of Roses that come in a variety to colors.
  3. Each color that a Rose comes in symbolizes something different.
    a. Red = Love and Affection
    b. Yellow = Friendship, Happiness, Empathy
    c. Orange = Admiration, Enthusiasm
    d. White = Purity, Innocence
    e. Pink = Joy, Gentleness, Appreciation
    f. Burgundy = Beauty
    g. Violet = Royalty
    h. Thornless Red Rose = Love at First Sight
    i. Cream = Charm, Thoughtfulness

    And if you combine these colors you can have a different meaning as well. For example, Red & White Roses given together symbolize unity.

    4. Red Roses grow into a berry like fruit that is called “Rose Hip” that are filled with Vitamin C.

    5. Roses are edible! Their petals can be used to make jams, syrups and rose water

Join us and celebrate Red Rose Day by purchasing some Red Roses for someone special or even for yourself! Or by planting Red Roses in your yard :)


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