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National Poinsettia Day!

Did you know that Poinsettias have a day of its own? December 12th  is known as National Poinsettia Day! To celebrate the “Christmas Flower”, here are some Fun Facts about Poinsettias!

  1. In the U.S., the flower was named after the U.S. ambassador to Mexico Joel Roberts Poinsett who introduced us to the flower in 1825.
  2. Did you know that the most beautiful part of the Poinsettia Flower isn’t actually the flower? The White, Green, Red, and Speckled parts are actually the leaves. The flower of the poinsettia is the little yellow buds in the center.
  3. The Poinsettia has a variety of names including; “Christmas Star”, “Christmas Flower”, “Mexican Flame Leaf”, “Lobster Flower”, “Winter Rose”, and “Flores de Nochebuena” (Flower of the Holy Night”.
  4. If you are born in December, the Poinsettia is your Birth Flower!
  5. Many people believe that Poinsettias are highly toxic, but that actually a myth! While it is not recommended for humans or animals to consume it would take a significant amount before a reaction is seen. For example: A 50 pound child would need to eat upwards of 500 leaves to have a reaction.

Are you still looking for Poinsettias to add to your home this Holiday season? Stop by Molzon’s where we have plenty of poinsettia colors and sizes to choose from!






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