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National Love A Tree Day!

Many of you may not know this but May 16th is 'National Love A Tree Day'! While the origins of how this holiday started are a mystery, the benefits that trees play in our daily lives are not. Some of the commonly known benefits are...

  • Trees provide us wil clean air to breathe  
  • Trees provide shade to protect us from hot, sunny days

Some other not so common benefits of trees that you may or may not have know are...

  • A mature tree can remove nearly 70 times more airborne pollution than a newly planted one
  • A single tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen each year!
  • Over 20% of the Earth’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest

Trees do so many great things for us and our planet, so taking a day to honor their purpose and show them some love shouldn't be too big of a task. 

National Love a Tree Day is a great way to take some time and appreciate the significance of trees and what they do for the Earth.  Some ways that you can show your "tree love" include...

  1. Recycle and Use Paper Wisely: Recycle paper any anything you cannot reuse. Only print documents that are essential and when you print, print double sided to save paper.
  2. Borrow, Share & Donate Books: Many people anjoy reading which translates into a lot of books - therefore lots of paper! Going to the Library, swapping books with a friend or family member, or donating old books that are no longer used instead of buying new helps trees. 
  3. Plant a Tree: If you plant a tree today, you will be able to enjoy it for decades to come! Think of it this way, one day down the road your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can be relaxing on a hot summer day enjoying the shade of the tree that you plant today.
  4. Be Friends with Smokey: Do you know or remember Smokey the Bear who would prevent wildfires? Wild fires are the number one threat to our forests and the messages that Smokey taught and is still teaching us all is worth passing along and remembering...
        - Always be careful with fires
        - Never play with matches or lighters
        - Always watch your campfire
        - Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it
        - And last but not least, Only you can prevent wildfires
  5. Enjoy The Trees Around You: Whether is it just sitting under their branches and enjoy the shade, climbing their limbs to play or read a book, or just taking a walk around to admire their beauty. 

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