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National Gardening Exercise Day!

You may not know it, but June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day! Today is the day that we want to encourage you to maximize the benefits of gardening by either taking a few extra steps or adding some stretches into your gardening routine. Just being outside in the fresh air, gardening is therapeutic on its own. However,  with the addition of walking back and forth, bending down, weeding, digging, spading, planting, pruning, mowing, ranking; gardening is FILLED with tons of exercises for all ages to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some additional suggestions for YOU to get the most exercise out of your gardening today :)

  • By Stretching prior to starting your gardening routine, it could help prevent injury
  • Adding some squats while you are gardening to help build or maintain muscle
  • Use both your right and left hands equally while you are raking, digging, or even planting. If you switch hands every 5 to 10 minutes it will give both arms a good workout!
  • Always remember to LIFT with your LEGS! If you lift with your back you are more likely to suffer from an injury.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water especially if you are gardening on a hot day!
  • Enjoy your garden :) There is nothing like sitting back and looking at the results of all your hard work!


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