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Managing Your Garden After Lots of Rain!

The general rule of thumb is that plants need an average of 1 inch of water a week. Normally, when we think of rain and gardening it is a good thing! However excessive rain, like we have received lately, could be disastrous for our our gardens. When we get an abundance of rain, water can pool in or around your gardens flooding your plants and even washing away seeds! This excessive water also makes it near to impossible to get into your garden without sinking into mud and potentially disturbing your plants. To make matters worse, this type of environment is ideal for weeds and creatures that will destroy your garden. So what can you do when you get excessive amounts of rainfall?

Turn Off Your Irrigation System
First off is the obvious, you are going to want to stop watering your plants. After a nice natural watering from mother nature your plants are pretty well (if not overly) hydrated.

Watch Out for Mud
We suggest that you avoid walking in your garden if there is mud. You can disturb your plants or even stunt the plants growth since it is nearly impossible to estimate how far your feet will sink. If you must go into your garden, we recommend putting down some mulch between the plant rows or put down boards to distribute your weight.

Give Your Plants Lots of TLC
Excessive water brings slugs! These slimy creatures will enjoy a feast on your plants whether they are living or dead. Keep a watchful eye and you can either hand pick the slugs out yourself or set up traps to get rid of them.

Set Up Some Drainage
If it is a short term issue, digging a simple trench that guides the excess water away from your garden will be enough. However, if still water and soggy soil are a consistent issue you are going to want to look into a more permanent drainage solution.  Stop by our garden center or give us a call and we will be happy to help you solve your drainage issue(s)!

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