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HYDRANGEA. "PENNY MAC". An oldie but a goodie.

HYDRANGEA. "PENNY MAC".   An oldie but a goodie.  

   As some of you may have noticed,  there has been a surge of popularity for the Mophead  types of Hydrangeas.  We could fill an entire garden center with 10 each of all the new varieties available. Many, not all of them, are  fine varieties  Much research , and I totally support this,  goes into the culture of these new varieties. However that does come with a price for the end user .

   Penny Mac is an older somewhat forgotten variety of yesteryear.  However it could be "a diamond in the rough".  Penny McHenry founder of the American Hydrangea Society  discovered it and named  it many years ago. Like Endless Summer  it can and usually does rebloom  throughout the summer. Some say it's a bit hardier than Endless Summer and it's blooms are a bit showier.  I personally feel it has a nicer fall color than some newer more expensive varieties.  

    Like other Mopheads , Penny Macs flower color varies by the soil PH.  In our region it usually attains a size of about  three to four feet and just as wide.  I only recommend  pruning after the spent flowers start turning green and down to the first strong bud.  Like other Mopheads, they like being mulched  and don't tolerate  letting them dry out.  The ideal uses are in a grouping at the edge of a wooded area or a stunning hedge in a partially shaded location.  They make a gorgeous statement when planted in groups when they bloom. The flower colors , especially in groups,can range from purplish to blue to various pink shades, depending on the PH and the stage of the blooms. 

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