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How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin for Carving

One of the most exciting parts of fall is finding the perfect pumpkin to bring home for carving. If you have a few kids tagging along, chances are, you’ll be bringing home several pumpkins!

Pumpkins aren’t exactly cheap, and most places charge by the pound, so it helps to know that you’re getting a quality pumpkin that will be great for carving or eating, whichever you choose.

Below are a few tips for choosing a pumpkin that is jack-o-lantern worthy.

Feel the Firmness

The pumpkin you bring home should be firm all over. Even if it’s a cute round pumpkin with a few soft spots, skip it and choose a different one. Soft spots can indicate that the pumpkin has started to rot on the inside, which won’t be pretty come carving time.

Study the Shape

Most people are quick to grab round pumpkins because they are easiest to work with. But there’s another reason to choose a nice round pumpkin, and that’s the fact that they tend to have tastier seeds. Pumpkins that are misshapen don’t have a full cavity for the seeds to grow, so you might miss out.

Hear the Hollowness

If you want to paint your pumpkin, the hollowness of it doesn’t make much of a difference. But, if you plan on carving your pumpkin, you should pay attention to how thick the walls are. Give the pumpkin a tap to see if it sounds hollow. Thinner walls are preferred since they are easier to cut through. On the other hand, if you plan on cooking the pumpkin, thicker walls are better.

Hold the Handle

When you go to pick up a pumpkin, notice how strong the handle is. Ideally, you want a handle that is sturdy and green or black in color. You need the handle to carry the pumpkin back to your car and possibly to decorate with.

Ban Blemishes

We’re not trying to be superficial here, we promise! However, some blemishes may be an indication that bugs have been chewing on the pumpkin. Watch out for small brown spots, as this can sometimes mean that pests have burrowed their way into the pumpkin.

Go for the Orange

Pumpkins can be purchased in all different colors and shades, which is definitely OK. However, when looking for a traditional orange pumpkin, pick those that are orange all over. Small sections of discoloration are acceptable, but green or white spots can indicate a problem.

The most important thing is that you choose a pumpkin that you love! Lucky for you, Molzon’s has plenty of perfect pumpkins waiting to come home with you! So stop on by and pick out the perfect pumpkin to bring home with you!

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