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The Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners!

So you have decided to start a garden but you have no clue what tools you will need for the task? Not to worry! We understand that walking down the gardening isle can be overwhelming. There are a wide array of tools that help with a variety of gardening tasks. To help you out, we have put together a list of the Essential Gardening Tools that you will need to start your garden.


  1. Gloves
      Gloves are essential to gardening. Not only will they help protect your hands from thorns, blisters, and scratches but it will also keep them cleaner when it comes to working in the dirt.
  2. Trowel
      A hand trowel is one of those “must have” tools. This will help will a multitude of everyday gardening tasks from breaking up the soil, to digging holes for your plants to even weeding!
  3. Hand Pruners
      Whether you are just trying to cut back a bush or harvesting your produce, you will want a set of shears. They will help you get a clean cut exactly where you want it on your plant. For Pruning Tips - Check out Molzon’s Pruning Guide.
  4. Hose/ Watering Can
      Whether you are planting directly into the ground, in a hanging basket, or a pot on your porch you will need a way to get water to your plants. If you decide to go with a hose, make sure it is long enough to reach your plants. For watering tips - Check out Molzon’s Watering Guide.
  5. Garden Rake
      This tools is mainly used for gardens that are directly in the ground. A garden rake will help you create smooth, level soil while also removing those unwanted weeds!

For more gardening tips, feel free to visit the garden center and speak to one of our gardening experts or give us a call!


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