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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree!

With our stomachs full of turkey dinners and delicious desserts from Thanksgiving, it is safe to say that the Holiday season has officially begun! With Christmas fast approaching, one of the best Holiday traditions is finding that PERFECT Christmas tree to put in your house.  But how exactly do you go about finding the perfect tree? Not to worry! Mozlon’s is here to help with a few helpful tips on finding just the right Christmas tree for your home.

Decide Where to Put the Tree

First and foremost, you will want to know where the tree will be going. We recommend that you avoid placing your tree near any type of heat source such as sunny windows, radiators, heating vents, and fireplaces.

Measure Where the Tree Will Go

Before you stop in, measure the ceiling in the room where the tree will be. You’ll want to choose a tree that is at least one foot shorter than the ceiling height. Also measure the opening of the tree stand to make sure that the tree you select will fit. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than picking out a tree, lugging it home and finding that it doesn’t fit.

Do the Fresh Test

When you find a tree that everyone likes, run your fingers along the needles and give the tree a shake. If the tree is fresh, very few needles will fall off. The needles should also be pliable, and the tree should stand straight. Also look for other signs that the tree is fresh and healthy such as lush branches, rich color and a good shape.

Why We Love Fraser Firs

Some of the best varieties of Christmas trees are balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, noble fir and Scotch pine. At Molzon’s, we carry Fraser fir Christmas trees. They are known as the “Cadillac” of Christmas trees. We like them best because:

  • They have excellent needle retention. In fact, Fraser fir trees rank #1 for needle retention. As long as you keep the tree watered, the growth will remain soft and green.
  • They have soft, short needles. This makes the tree easy to decorate, and you don’t have to worry about little fingers getting poked.
  • They have strong branches. This is important because we’re sure you want to decorate your tree with ornaments. So hang away! Fraser fir trees have strong branches that can hold all types of ornaments without being weighed down.
  • They look and smell beautiful. Fraser fir trees have full, bushy branches and a beautiful dark green color. They also have a nice aroma that smells like a fruity forest. Your home will surely feel like Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Stop on By Molzon’s today with the whole family to choose from our wide variety of trees and find the PERFECT Christmas tree for your home this holiday season!


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