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The Benefits of Composting!


Composting typically generates  looks of disgust when it is spoken about or mentioned since it stereotypically musters up images of a smelly pile of decaying garbage that hangs out in your backyard. But the reality is composting is AMAZING! It has a variety of benefits for both the environment and your garden. However, let’s start from the beginning.


If you are unaware of what composting is, it is the process where organic waste biodegrades naturally and produces nutrient-rich soil. This soil provides necessary vitamins and minerals that plants need in order to grow healthy and strong. As a mentioned before there are a range of benefits that composting provides. Environmentally speaking, some of those benefits include:


  1. Improves Soil Structure
    When compost is added to your soil, it neutralizes the pH and increases the ability for the plants to hold valuable nutrients for them to grow lush and strong.
  2. Compost Helps Control Erosion
    It has been shown that composts helps with the erosion of embankments that lie parallel to creeks, lakes and and rivers! 
  3. Compost Makes You Money and Helps You Save Money too!
    When you use compost on your plants, compost lessens the amount of water that your plants absorb thanks to the natural nutrients that lie within it. Compost also aids in pest and disease control amongst your plants as well which lessens the need for expensive fertilizers and chemicals. And how does all this help you make money you wonder? Well, it has been proven that when you use compost soil a high number of crops are grown which equates to more crops that can be sold!

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