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Benefits of Blue Spruce Trees!

Trees in general offer so many benefits to your home, yard, and garden. They produce clean oxygen for us to breathe, some species provide us with food, and so much more! Blue Spruce Trees, specifically, are one of the more common trees that are planted in someone’s yard simply because of their hardiness and ease to care for. So why exactly should you add a Blue Spruce Tree to your yard? Check it out!


  1. Great Source of Shade
    Thanks to their height, Spruce trees create great natural shade in your yard. Depending on the size, the shade provided by these trees can reduce energy costs by blocking sunshine rays from heating parts of your home. Additionally, the air around the home typically stays cooler!
  2. Great Wind Protection
    In addition to their obvious benefits, Spruce trees provide a wind break. The combination of their size, branches, and hardiness these trees are great at blocking those nippy winter winds to protect your home from the cold.
  3. Helps to Prevent Soil Erosion
    All plants require water to survive. However, the root system of the Spruce trees spread deep underground which helps soak up the water after significant rainfall or flooding! Additionally, the branches and needles of the spruce slow the rain as it falls allowing more time for the ground, roots, and surrounding plants to soak up the water.
  4. Easy to Maintain and Care For
    The Blue Spruce Tree is VERY resilient. Once a blue spruce tree has gained its footing there are very few things in nature that can hurt it. These trees can withstand droughts, air pollution, and significant rainfall. Blue spruce trees are also very hardy when it comes to fending off pests or diseases!
  5. Pest Resistant!
    This tree is not only hardy, but it is also resistant towards some of those pesky animals that tend to destroy our gardens! The spiky foliage prevents deer and rabbits from chowing down on the branches.

Here at Molzon’s we have three separate sizes of Blue Spruce; Small, Medium, and Large. Stop on by and pick up your Blue Spruce Tree today!

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