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August Gardening To-Do List

August is here! With the more than adequate rainfall that we received this past July (and continue to receive) most of the plants don’t look too tired from the heat. Your vegetable garden is staying strong and your flower gardens are FULL of color! So that means August is the month that you can relax with your gardening tasks, right? WRONG! While gardens may move slower this month with the heat, August is the time of year to do “spot clean up”. Weeds need to be pulled, garden pests need to be stopped, and the plants need lots of TLC. We have put together a helpful “To Do” List for August to help your gardens stay in tip, top shape for the impending fall weather!

Focus on Weeding!
Stay on top of your weeds. For every weed you pull now, it will save you from pulling hundreds later on. Walk or Look through your gardens on a weekly basis to make sure those pesky plants are not stealing moisture, nutrients and light from your desired plants.

Water, Water, Water!
You are going to want to target the water to your more precious plants. These items may include your most recently planted items or even your vegetable garden.

Last Chance for a Trim!
August is the last month for heavy pruning of your hedges and evergreens. Once the months of November and December come, they will go dormant for the winter. If you wait and trim too late, any new growth will freeze and die come the first frost.

Do Some Late Summer Cleaning!
Take a look at your flowers, are they starting to droop or brown? Pinch/Cut off the flower stem to encourage new and colorful blooms!

Looking to Plant Something New?
Many think that August is too late to plant new items in your garden, but that’s not true! Visit us at Molzon’s Garden Center and ask one of our Gardening Experts what plants are best to add to your garden this time of year!

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